By: Hunter Morrow

The conclusion.

What. A. Week.

NCSC has been filled with amazing speakers, teaching students important lessons in conservatism, such as history, economics, social policy, and more. Days 1-4 were absolutely incredible—hard to match even.

Day 5 didn’t disappoint.

We heard from fantastic speakers. Kristan Hawkins, Bay Buchanan, Liz Wheeler, Dr. Burt Folsom (again!), Kara Bell, and Peter Schweizer provided great lessons on pro-life issues, combating leftism, and the wage gap, as well as a fantastic lesson on the Great Depression.

Kristan Hawkins started the day for students, imploring us to think deeply about the atrocities of abortion. Her speech took my mind back to the month of April, when I watched the movie Unplanned, and channeled my disgust at the pro-choice movement.

Bay Buchanan followed her, teaching us about leadership through anecdotes of her time around President Ronald Reagan. She taught us that leadership is not about just knowing your stuff, but leading people to where they need to be, in this case, leading people to the movement.

Liz Wheeler spoke of the “tipping points” of the Left. She taught us of one of the most prevelant tactics the Left uses to oppress choice: the binary tactic. She taught us to call the Left out on that in order to show their oppressive tactics. In an added only-at-YAF bonus, we received Wheeler’s new book before publication.

Dr. Burt Folsom yet again taught us an entertaining history lesson, this time about FDR’s negative impact on the Great Depression, as well as the nasty tactics he used in order to get re-elected. This important lesson has been missing in our schools, and is important for us to share with our peers.

Peter Schweizer ended the day strongly, calling out the dishonesty of the Left, especially when it comes to socialism. He pushed us to call out the Left on these topics, in order to defend the truth of the conservative movement.

This week has been truly incredible, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet some of these great speakers without YAF. This conference has pumped me up for a great year of activism, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Hunter Morrow is a student at the University of Iowa, and chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter there.