YAF College Conference Group(1)

Today we are excited to announce that our blog, The
 has been renamed, The New Guard

Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom
joined forces in 2011 to help conservative students start YAF
chapters. Now, more than 100 campuses are home to YAF chapters as
students nationwide work to advance core conservative

The New Guard The New Guard magazine was a key part of YAF’s
methods to educate others about conservatism.  Founded in
March 1961, the first issue was produced under the editorship of
Lee Edwards.  Virtually all leaders of the Conservative
Movement wrote for The New Guard including Ronald
Reagan, William F. Buckley, Jr., Barry Goldwater, and many other
notable leaders.

In 2010, The New Guard was re-launched at CPAC 2010
under the guidance of The New Guard’s current
executive editor, Christopher Bedford. The re-launch came 49 years
after the publication first stood up against a liberal elite that
believed conservatism was dead and socialism was king. 

Today, we are excited to bring The New
 online as the lead blog for YAF. There is a
dedicated group of young activists who soundly reject the Obama
administration’s approach to pushing socialism. We aim to feature
these young leaders who are working hard to push back against the
Left’s indoctrination of their peers.  We will also showcase
the Left’s efforts to silence conservative activists and highlight
their hypocrisy.  In addition, we will highlight the advances
made on campus by young conservatives and the successful techniques
they are using to expose their peers to conservative ideas. 

President Reagan underscored the importance of  young
conservatives standing strong for their beliefs: “Remember your
very title: you are Young Americans for freedom. That is your
mission above all others. You are most important in this particular
moment of history, because so many of your peers have listened to
false prophets and demagogues.” 

The New Guard will expose these false prophets and
demagogues and encourage students to fight for freedom


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