Fox News’s Jesse Watters spoke at Young America’s Foundation’s March High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch earlier his month, sharing stories of how he worked his way up at Fox News, was hired by Bill O’Reilly, then almost fired. Watters’ World recently gave Fox News viewers an inside look at the Reagan Ranch and his time with Young America’s Foundation.

After drawing a crowd of students and community members which set the record for attendance at the Wendy P. McCaw Roundtable luncheon, Watters traveled to President Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo for an exclusive tour of the presidential property. Andrew Coffin, a Young America’s Foundation Vice President and Director of the Reagan Ranch, led Watters through the Reagans’ presidential home. Cameras were rolling as Coffin showed Watters where President Reagan made phone calls to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and astronauts orbiting earth in the Space Shuttle. John Barletta, President Reagan’s longest-serving Secret Service agent and riding partner at Rancho del Cielo, showed Watters some of Reagan’s favorite trails on the 688 acre property.

During the weekend-long conference Watters took part in, students heard from other high-profile conservatives including Michael Reagan, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Burt Folsom, Derryck Green, Joel Pollak, Robert Spencer, Patrick Coyle, and Ron Robinson.