Leftists on the campus of California State University- Los Angeles (CSULA) unsuccessfully targeted the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter twice this week, organizing a spontaneous protest to swarm the chapter’s recruitment table with “No Trump” chants, and calling non-white YAF members racists in a vulgarity-laden rant caught on camera.

Check out the video below to watch the YAF members keep their cool and fire off hilarious comebacks as the pathetic protestors try desperately to break them down.

Early this week, a group of undocumented students spontaneously organized an anti-Trump protest after CSULA YAF set up a recruitment table on campus. Chapter chair Mark Kahanding told Young America’s Foundation, “The protest started out with this girl yelling saying we don’t have a right to be here on campus. She attempted to mobilize the fraternity’s near us to try and protest us but failed. So then out of haste she grabbed the SURGE club— SURGE is the student org that stands for illegal students on campus.”

The protesters chanted and chalked “Here2Stay” on the pavement.

The next day, another leftist approached the chapter’s recruitment table and unleashed an unhinged anti-Trump rant on the YAF members.

Thankfully, CSULA YAFers are experts in brushing off hostile leftists and knew exactly what to do

As Young America’s Foundation has documented extensively, CSULA is one of the country’s worst schools for conservatives. Last year, CSULA YAF’s decision to host a lecture featuring Ben Shapiro resulted in a riot organized by campus leftists. The chapter faces constant backlash for their activism.

The good news?

Every protest only drives more and more CSULA students to join the YAF chapter. In fact, since last year, CSULA YAF has grown to nearly 100 members, a majority of whom are non-white.

Keep it up, leftists.