Each year of his presidency, Ronald Reagan spent Thanksgiving at his beloved mountaintop ranch in California’s Santa Ynez Mountains. Rancho del Cielo, home to the Reagans for nearly twenty-five years and the “Western White House” for eight, was the site of many radio addresses and other historically significant events during the Reagan Administration. On November 29, 1986, just after Thanksgiving, President Reagan addressed the nation from Rancho del Cielo.

My fellow Americans:

When Nancy and I celebrate Thanksgiving weekend each year in California’s Santa Ynez Mountains, we find it a wonderful opportunity to be together with family and friends and, like so many Americans, a chance to reflect on all the Lord’s blessings to our country.

We’ve been particularly conscious this year of one blessing that has made this holiday season a happy one for countless more Americans, Americans who in years past were trapped in want and poverty. (more…)