Jason Mattera, former Young America’s Foundation spokesman, is out with a brand-new book, Obama Zombies: Obama ZombiesHow the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.

Michelle Malkin calls it explosive, devastating, and rib-crackingly hilarious as well as a heat-seeking missile aimed straight at the Cult of Obama.

Ann Coulter calls it piercing, eye-opening, deliciously witty, and required reading for an entire generation who have been sold liberal lies.

Call Young America’s Foundation at 800-USA-1776 to bring Jason to your campus today to jolt Obama zombies from their brainless slumber!

Obama Zombies uncovers the true, behind-the-scenes story of the methods and tactics the Obama campaign unleashed on youth culture. Through personal interviews and meticulous original research, Mattera explains why conservatism’s future rests upon jolting the young masses from their slumber, yanking out their earphones, and sparking a countercultural conservative battle against the rise of the ignorant Left.

The lesson from 2008 is crystal clear: When true conservatives run away, Obama zombies come out to play.  

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