Remember the Illinois Central College professor who threatened to fail a conservative student?

He’s back.

Following YAF’s exposé, another brave whistleblower came forward with video footage of Troy Daugherty’s recent class lecture, where he spent 15 minutes discussing why America wasn’t the greatest country in the world.

Daugherty asserts that President Trump, President George W. Bush, and President Reagan “waged wars” on the poor, in addition to claiming that America is systemically racist. He also argues that the Electoral College undermines democracy and freedom.

After further investigation from YAF, Daugherty’s monologue was plagiarized from the Newsroom, a popular HBO show. Watch the side-by-side footage here:

This history professor is spouting his opinion as fact in the classroom–something very dangerous for young, impressionable college students. This is only a glimpse of what is happening in zoom lectures and in classrooms across the country. Higher academia has been hijacked by leftist activists who care more about indoctrinating than teaching.

UPDATE: YAF has learned that Daugherty has been removed from his teaching position in this class.

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