A community college in Washington sent out an anti-racism statement, claiming that they–a tutoring centerare complicit in upholding “white supremacy,” according to a tip received through Young America’s Campus Bias Tipline.

South Puget Sound Community College’s writing center sent out a statement claiming, “Standard American English … masquerades as neutral and objective but in fact marginalizes other ways of communicating, often those used by people of color,” the statement read.

“… we recognize that at all levels of society–including SPSCC and our own writing center–racist ideas, practices, and policies work together to threaten, disparage, and silence people of color.”

In an effort to fight racism and white supremacy, the writing center then promises to affirm that “there are no inherently correct or superior forms of spoken or written English.”

A school spokesperson told YAF they are “aware of and supportive of the Antiracism Statement adopted by our Learning Support Services team.”

The idea that standard English that follows grammatical rules is racist, marginalizing or upholding white supremacy is ludicrous. It’s also incredibly racist to make the assumption that minorities can’t speak, understand, and write in Standard American English. Students must stand up to their schools when they attempt to inject wokeness into their education. It’s important for students and parents to remain vigilant and call out this madness.