On Monday, fliers advertising Young America’s Foundation’s upcoming campus lecture by Christina Hoff Sommers fell prey to an intolerant social justice warrior (SJW) at California State University – Los Angeles (CSULA).

In a video captured by a member of CSULA’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, an emotional leftist ripped down every flier promoting Sommers’ event that she could reach.

“Can I ask why you’re ripping down these posters?” the YAFer politely asked.

“They don’t have any of the ASI stamps on them,” the SJW claimed inaccurately.  “You’re only allowed to have three, the rest, they can get taken down.”

When the disgruntled feminist is asked again why she believes she has the power to decide which fliers can remain, she responded, “They can be taken down if I want to.”

“I just want to know why, to start a dialogue,” offered the YAF activist. “You seem very emotional about it.”

“She seems pretty rational to me,” said a passer by as the SJW stormed off with crumpled YAF posters in hand.

CSULA YAF plans on reporting the vandalism to university administration.

Young America’s Foundation advises students in similar circumstances to follow the lead of these YAFers. Always confront vandals by asking why they’re destroying your property and who gave them the authority to do so. Also feel free to ask, “Why are you patrolling our campus like a fascist?” “Are you against free speech?” or “Why are you intolerant of other ideas?”

Despite the Left’s best attempts to obstruct conservatives on CSULA’s campus, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter will host Christina Hoff Sommers’ lecture titled, “Where Feminism Went Wrong” Tuesday afternoon on campus. Tune into the live stream HERE at 6:00 p.m. EST/ 3:00 p.m. PST.