VIDEO: SJW Mob Surrounds, Berates KU Young Americans for Freedom Students

Last Thursday, social justice warriors (SJW’s) at the University of Kansas (KU) surrounded a group of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) students in a campus building and berated them for over an hour, screaming about safe spaces, institutional racism, white privilege and much more.

Despite repeated leftist claims to support “dialogue,” these students aggressively barged into the meeting space declaring, “we didn’t come here to talk to you, we have something that we need to say,” before forcing the conservative students out into a larger area to be more-or-less ambushed by nearly 100 radical protestors.

The social justice warriors attacked the Constitution and bashed the YAF students for defending it.

“Your constitution is flawed, if you didn’t know,” stated one SJW. When, in response, a conservative student defended the Constitution’s unrivaled longevity as the “law of the land,” the liberal student launched into a tirade, shouting, “It’s the law of the land?! The law of the land was created with your entitled ass!”

Her leftist peers snapped their fingers in approval.

At several points, conservative students would attempt to interject some facts or ask  legitimate questions, only to be shot down with screams of “white privilege!”

“Usually colleges are very liberal places,” one of the protestors condescendingly noted. “So maybe you should go to a more conservative setting, cause usually [colleges] are progressive places.”

After nearly an hour of being screamed at and accused of white supremacy by the hostile leftists, one YAF student attempted to quell the shouting mob with a polite suggestion to “calm down.” In response, one protestor exploded in rage, slamming her hands on the table and proclaiming, “You don’t tell me to calm down! You cannot, as a white cis man, tell me to calm the f*** down!”

This bullying of KU’s YAF students comes on the heels of an earlier episode that saw SJW’s hijack a YAF meeting to call the conservative students “white supremacists,” and scream in their faces about micro aggressions. YAF’s video of that first meeting went viral, exposing the insanity of KU’s unhinged campus liberals.

Young America’s Foundation advises students on campuses across the country who inevitably find themselves in similar situations to confront leftist bullies by questioning their authority to attack conservatives. Ask them, “Who gave you the power to obstruct free speech on our campus? Who gave you the power to patrol conservative speech? Under what rule is this your responsibility?”