This fall has seen record growth in the number of YAF chapters forming on campus. Within the last couple weeks we have recognized chapters at Arizona State University, Stony Brook University, St. Xavier University and others. We have also seen extensive growth in YAF chapters being formed at high schools as well.

We are excited that there are many high school conservatives eager to bring the ideas of individual freedom and limited government into their classrooms. Just a few weeks ago, the YAF chapter at Grosse Pointe North High School in Michigan participated in Freedom Week and reminded their peers about the failures of the Berlin Wall. Check out their video below.  

Those who sign up to start a YAF chapter receive significant resources to advance conservatism including logistical and financial support, chapter banners, posters, fliers, and free copies of our Campus Conservative Battleplan, and more!

If you are interested in starting a YAF chapter at your school, please contact us!

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