Leftist vandals at University of Florida have been caught on camera vandalizing the Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s pro-life display.

Last week, the UF YAF chapter created a display to commemorate all of the lives lost to abortion. In the cover of darkness, several leftist students vandalized the YAF members’ memorial, absurdly claiming that the conservatives did not obtain the proper permit to display the pink flags and claiming they believed the flags were city property.

Around 10 individuals threw the flags into trash bags before walking off with them, at which point they were confronted by YAF chapter members Haley Rosel and Christopher Rill.

See the interaction with the vandals yourself:

The YAF members eventually reclaimed the flags and were able to set them back up in their reserved space. University police later stationed an officer on patrol to guard the display from any further vandalism.

According to the UF YAF chairman Phillip Smith, a vandalism case has been filed with the University of Florida Police Department.

“This incident has proved that UF still has a First Amendment problem,” Smith told YAF. “Our lawsuit may have forced administration to respect free speech, but they have obviously not been fostering civil discourse. I hope that this is a wake up call to the University of Florida that tolerance of opposing viewpoints is of the utmost importance.”