Insane Video of SJW’s Shouting Down YAF Students Perfectly Showcases Everything Wrong with the Left

Thursday night radical protestors at Kansas University (KU) hijacked a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) meeting, unleashing a virulent tirade against the conservative students, providing a glimpse into the crazy arguments of the far Left.

Their entire confrontation was captured on video and released to Young America’s Foundation.

Leftists can be seen screaming obscenities, berating the calm YAF students, shouting about privilege, safe spaces, and micro aggressions, and threatening to “tear this motherf***ing school up on a daily motherf****ing basis.”

At one point when KU YAF Chairman Gabe Lepinski referred to the protesters as “you guys,” one leftist completely exploded, screaming, “Do not call us guys! That is a micro aggression!”

At another point, one of the protestors broke down when asked about safe spaces, pounding fists on the table and shouting, “I am not retreating! I’m making myself safe and comfortable… If I want this space, I can have this space! It’s my right to have this space!”

The leftists also repeatedly referred to the YAF students as “white supremacists,” scolding them by commenting, “You still reap the privilege of the genocide of Native Americans and slavery.”

The protestors screamed about “white fragility,” their preferred gender pronouns, and not calling illegal immigrants “illegal.”

The incident occurred after students attacked KU YAF Chairman Gabe Lepinski for posting the phrase, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” in a group promoting leftist campus protests for transgender rights on social media.

The protestors left the meeting enraged, screaming obscenities as they walked down the hallway.

In a statement to YAF, Lepinski explained the full situation:

“YAF at KU hosted a meeting Thursday in The Kansas Union. Our officers and active members went in with the best intentions knowing that we would face some who disagreed with our message whom we had expected to come to the meeting. What transpired was out of line, rude, and uncivil. Numerous officers were called white supremacists and accused of not caring about the murder of minorities. Throughout the meeting we voiced our opposition to intellectual safe spaces and trigger warnings, only to be yelled at. Some opposition to our group behaved and wanted genuine discussion, but others did not. We hope our next meeting does not digress to this level of name calling and that we can foster a good environment for policy discussion.”

Time and again the Left demonstrates its alleged commitment to “diversity and inclusion” is insincere. Conservative students on college campuses in America can’t even vocalize their beliefs without being subjected to nasty attacks like the one documented in this video.

Thankfully bold YAF activists like the chapter at KU refuse to be intimidated by these tactics and will continue to promote their ideas anyway.