By Kate Edwards

Last night, the Marquette University Young Americans for Freedom
hosted a debate between Governor Howard Dean and Fox News
correspondent Liz Cheney, as part of the Great Debate Series
sponsored by the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation. Speaking to a packed
house, Dean and Cheney focused on the role of government in
individual’s personal and economic lives. Though expressing clearly different views, the
debate remained fairly even.

That is, until an audience member asked a question regarding
Benghazi. The questioner expressed how outrageous it is to herself
and her fellow Americans that the current administration and the
media has yet to be transparent on the terrorist attacks
that took place. Liz Cheney’s exceptional response regarding the
attacks in Benghazi hit the nail on the head and blew the audience

Watch her response: 

Video streaming by Ustream

In a free society, true representative government can only
function if we the people get accurate information. The Left’s
cover-up of the attacks threatens our rights as a free society to
know why we were deliberately attacked, and why four Americans are
dead as a result. 

Kate Edwards is a program officer for chapter services for Young Americans for Freedom.

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