Tonight, Young America’s Foundation sponsored America’s leading free market and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Dr. Arthur Laffer to speak at Binghamton University.
The brave Binghamton University campus conservative club hosted the event to ensure students on campus heard free market ideas. Students were supposed to learn about free enterprise and limited government.
Instead, conservative students were targeted by hundreds of leftists who surrounded the event venue in masks, disrupted the lecture with a loudspeaker, and shouted down an educator who has worked his entire life to ensure all Americans achieve greater prosperity.

This was an embarrassment for the leftists and Binghamton University, which failed to protect conservative students’ right to free speech. Instead of removing the disruptors, the university chose to escort Laffer out of his own lecture. The university’s use of a heckler’s veto violates the students’ constitutional rights.
This follows a mobbing incident at Binghamton, where students tabling for Dr. Laffer’s lecture were surrounded by leftists and forced to be escorted off campus by police.
Young America’s Foundation is actively exploring all legal remedies, including litigation, to do what Binghamton University failed to do–protect the First Amendment.