Patriotic Americans may be feeling uncertain over the future of our country, but you can know that America’s future is bright thanks to what we are witnessing at Young America’s Foundation.

Immediately following the 2020 presidential election, YAF’s Fall College Retreat marked the first significant gathering of young conservatives in the aftermath of this historic year.

On November 13-14, hundreds of students representing 59 unique colleges and universities from 26 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, attended the inspiring conference.

Vice President Mike Pence paid a surprise visit to students to deliver an awe-inspiring message centered on reclaiming freedom and remaining steadfast in our fight to save America.

The Vice President described YAF as an organization that is advancing “the stewardship of the conservative agenda for young people on campuses all across America.” 

“But being with all of you today, it just makes me think, for so many years…I’m fortunate to be joined on my team by some YAFers in their youth. My own Chief of Staff, Marc Short, who may well be in the room, in the line of sight, is an old Young America’s Foundation person. And you might also know — he’s backstage — but the president’s chief speechwriter, Stephen Miller, is an old YAFer,” Vice President Pence said.

“So if you ever wonder if YAF is going to launch you into positions of work to spend time in the West Wing, don’t ever doubt it.”

The students—many of whom were attending their first-ever conservative event—also heard from YAF CEO and President-Elect Governor Scott Walker, Congressmen-elect Burgess Owens and Byron DonaldsBay Buchanan, Breitbart editor Jerome Hudson, Kate Obenshain Keeler, Congressman and House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs, Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles, Larry O’Connor, and many others.

Today, YAF’s work to enlighten young minds has never been more important.

Thanks to you, no other organization in the Conservative Movement is more equipped at providing young people with a life-changing experiences.