In a just-announced event sure to make waves in the New Haven faculty lounges, Verdict with Ted Cruz is making its first stop on the Ivy League circuit.

Next month, the wildly popular video podcast featuring Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles lands at Yale University to record an hour-long show with a LIVE student audience in partnership with Young America’s Foundation.

“Our educational institutions are where the future of America will be won or lost, and Yale is no exception,” said Senator Ted Cruz. “While Yale’s once-proud reputation as a bastion of free speech, these days, is at risk of sinking lower than ratings for the Oscars, the fact they’d let Michael back on campus gives me hope the Bulldogs could still turn things around. I’m grateful to YAF for their partnership in bringing Verdict to campuses around the country. Michael, Liz, and I are looking forward to lighting the fires of freedom in the minds of Yale’s students.”

Last fall, Verdict took to the road with YAF for packed-out shows at Texas A&M University, Catholic University, and UW-Madison. The fireworks flew as leftists on each campus protested and interrupted, while crowds of students eager to hear a conservative voice greeted the Senator and Michael with lines out the door, standing ovations, and insightful questions.

This spring, YAF and Verdict are proud to continue their tradition of bringing a message about conservative ideas, freedom, and human flourishing to students on campuses across America.

“Since the 1950s, my alma mater has earned a reputation as a hotbed of liberal mania,” Michael Knowles said. “But four years in Yale’s small-but-mighty conservative underbelly immunized me to the fashionable progressivism of my classmates and left me slightly to the right of Genghis Khan. It’s a great honor and privilege to be invited back a decade after graduation to help usher a whole new generation of promising young Yalies into America’s vast right-wing conspiracy.”

And back by popular demand, Michael and the Senator’s close friend Liz Wheeler, host of the acclaimed daily video podcast The Liz Wheeler Show, will make a special appearance at the event.

“I’m thrilled to be back on the road with Michael, Senator Cruz, and the cactus for another Verdict LIVE tour,” Liz Wheeler remarked. “Meeting hundreds of bright, thoughtful conservative students on our YAF tour last fall was one of the highlights of 2021. This year, we’re heading straight into the lion’s den at Yale. Conservatives have to fight to win, and we’re doing just that by bringing this show and a message about conservatism to some of America’s most elite but ideologically compromised schools.”

Verdict LIVE will take place at Yale on Monday, April 11th at the Omni New Haven Hotel, beginning at 8 PM ET. This event is free and open to the public. Ticket information is available now at

Viewers across America can watch the action live from the comfort of their own home, free of charge, by subscribing to the YAFtv and Verdict with Ted Cruz channels on YouTube. For exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from the Spring 2022 Verdict LIVE YAF Tour, check out Verdict+ on Locals.

This event is a part of YAF’s Irving Brown Lecture Series.

About Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, a U.S. Senator from the State of Texas, has dedicated his life to upholding the principles enshrined in our Constitution. Senator Cruz is a bold leader in the fight to support American workers, rein in Big Tech, secure our border, confirm conservative judges, and hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their atrocities.

About Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles is the chart-topping host of both The Michael Knowles Show at the Daily Wire and The Book Club at PragerU. Michael’s ability to parse, process, and present ideas in light of the first principles that undergird them has propelled him to become one of the top political voices in the country.

About Liz Wheeler

Liz Wheeler is unapologetically one of the conservative movement’s boldest voices. Blocked by AOC, demonetized on Facebook, and whispered about at the Snopes water cooler, Liz is undeterred, maybe even energized. As the host of The Liz Wheeler Show, Liz is a voice of reason for millions of Americans as she guides them through the most important stories that no one else is telling.

About Verdict

Now in its third year of surging popularity, Verdict hit #1 on the podcast charts within weeks of launching amidst the Trump impeachment trials in 2020. Ever since then, the Senator and Michael get together each week to bring viewers the scoop from inside the Beltway, break down the most important stories of the day, and reveal what Washington’s inner workings mean for you. On Verdict, you will go behind the scenes of the debates that define our country.

About YAF

YAF’s unparalleled campus lecture series has featured a powerful lineup of conservative leaders over the years, including Ben Shapiro, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, William F. Buckley, Justice Clarence Thomas, and many more.

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