Vandy Fems Set Up Safe Space to Watch Election Results

In an email sent to the entire Vanderbilt student body by the school’s Multicultural Leadership Council, the Vanderbilt Feminists invited their peers to join their “fav fems” and watch the election results in a safe space sponsored in part by the school’s women’s center, referring to Donald Trump as a “Cheeto” and saying “the world might come to an end” on Tuesday.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-07-13-pmThe invitation read in full, “The world might come to an end on November 8. Somehow, the Cheeto made it this far. I know, very scary. Instead of watching the election results in an unsafe environment, come watch the results roll in with the Vandy Fems exec board. Grab your homework and fancy Kissam dinners and watch a potential political apocalypse with your fav fems.”

The entire Facebook event page description is a strange attempt at humor, noting attendees should expect “people who care about their uteruses,” “nasty women,” “Rosie O’Donnell,” and “Diet Coke” at the event.

You know what they say— it’s not a party without people who care about their uteruses and Diet Coke.

It’s bad enough to know these students take their policy cues from Lena Dunham, but they appear to be taking their comedy cues from her as well.

Vanderbilt Young Americans for Freedom Chairman Matt Colleran told Young America’s Foundation, “Any advocacy group is welcome to say whatever they want, but the school should not be promoting in a correspondence that goes to all students an event that dehumanizes a candidate for office.”