A college in Virginia is requiring vaccine passports in the form of “special” lanyards for vaccinated students who wish to go maskless on campus, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to an anonymous tip through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line, Emory & Henry College (EHC) will require all non-vaccinated students to wear masks both inside and outside–while mandating special designation of those who have received the vaccine.

“..we are providing all who are fully vaccinated with a special lanyard that must be worn on campus,” said Dean of Students Tracey Wright in a school-wide email.

Wright went on to add that “All of us, myself included, who are fully vaccinated, but forget our lanyards are also required to wear a mask and physically distance.”

Students who are vaccinated are required to turn in medical documentation to the school in order to receive the customized lanyard, which will state “#Vaccinated” and “doing my part!”

EHC did not return YAF’s request for comment.

YAF previously reported on EHC’s decision to “re-examine” their wasp mascot, which some found to be offensive.

Getting vaccinated is important, but it is not a college’s place to insert special identification to segregate those who have received the vaccine from others.

Even going so far as to require vaccinated students who simply forgot their lanyard to wear a mask is absurd, and simple virtue-signaling. We must forge on a quest to return our students to a sense of normalcy as the pandemic winds down–and this does nothing to achieve that goal.