Palermo's Logo By Ethan Hollenberger

For months, students around Wisconsin have been protesting
frozen pizza company Palermo’s Pizza Villa. Students at the
 have occupied offices of administrators in an
attempt to get Palermo’s Pizza pulled from campus. In March, YAF
Marquette University
 students protesting Palermo’s at a
home men’s basketball game. The protests reached a tipping point
when the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee closed a pizza stand
over-run by radicals.

The students are upset with the company for dismissing nearly 75
undocumented workers in June 2012. All workers in the United States
must provide their employment documentation to prove their
citizenship or legal working status. ICE informed Palermo’s dozens
of their workers had fraudulent alien ID or social security numbers
of the use of fraudulent alien ID or social security numbers by
dozens of their workers.

With the help of liberal immigration advocacy group Voces de la
Frontera, workers filed a petition to form the Palermo’s Worker
Union and numerous unfair labor practices with the National Labor
Relations Board. The Milwaukee Region of NLRB dismissed most of the
charges with the General Counsel of the NLRB in Washington
confirming the ruling last week while the General Counsel of NLRB
in Washington upheld the ruling last week.

Students at UW-Milwaukee took over the Palermo’s Pizza Stand in
the Student Union on Tuesday, May 7. A few students stood behind
the counter and draped a cloth over pizza to purchase. Some
students were behind the counter and draped a cloth over the pizza
to purchase. The pizza was contaminated by the occupiers becoming
making it unsuitable for sale. A statement from the University
said that because the
leftist students overran the pizza stand, it would require the
stand would have needed extensive cleaning.

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Jim Hill told the crowd the
closure “gives us time to continue conversations and dialogues with
you on the issue.”
The protestors and Voces immediately heralded the decision as a
 Hill’s interaction with the students was caught

On Wednesday, the UWM Spokesman Tom Luljak attempted to walk
back the decision in an appearance on Milwaukee conservative
Charlie Sykes’ radio show
. Luljak stated the closing of pizza
stand was due to a pre-planned construction project and Palermo’s
pizza is still available on campus.

In a phone call with Luljak, he stated the Palermo’s pizza stand
would be back on campus when the renovations are completed; further
stating UWM is neutral on the labor dispute. 

He also noted that even although protestors did not face arrest
on Tuesday, the Office of Student Affairs might seek some actions.
According to Luljak, a UWM police captain decided not to arrest the
students in an attempt to end the demonstration

While the leftist students are heralding the closure as a win,
the incident is another example of utilizing bullying tactics to
receive results. This is another example of radicals using bully
tactics to get their way.

Ethan Hollenberger, age 22, is a conservative activist from
Wisconsin. While in college, he was a founding member of the
campus’ Young American’s for Freedom chapter.  He can be
contacted at Follow him on Twitter:

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