The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently announced plans to hold a “trans and non-binary” vocal workshop in direct response to last semester’s Young America’s Foundation lecture featuring Matt Walsh.

According to an announcement posted to the UW-Madison Mear Witter School of Music’s Instagram page, the two-hour crash course will aim to “begin supporting gender diverse students with appropriate language and care,” “inform students about aspects of voice transition,” and “explore gender expansive voice pedagogy and the PIRA (pitch, inflection, resonance, articulation) scale.” 

The workshop’s instructor, Liz Jackson Hearns, owns and operates The Voice Lab, a “transgender” voice training business in Chicago. Clients can pay to work with trainers on developing a “masc” voice, a “fem” voice, or a “non-binary” voice. The Voice Lab’s website does not elaborate on what a “non-binary” voice even is.

A copy of the workshop’s funding request, obtained by the College Fix, indicates that leftist students organized the event in order to push back against the arguments Walsh presented during his fall semester visit to the university. “[R]ecently, right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh’s visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, partially funded by the Associated Students of Madison, not only elicited protests but in a deeper sense, induced hurt, pain, and exhaustion amongst the LGBTQ community and especially, the trans community of the university,” event organizers wrote in their request.

The workshop is funded by the university’s “Artivism Student Action Program,” which distributes $15,000 annually to encourage “artists and audiences to address issues of inequity and articulate the need for social change.”

Clearly, the YAF chapter’s event had a lasting impact. Walsh’s simple question, “what is a woman,” leaves the Left attempting to perform damage control for months and months.