The student government at University of Virginia voted down a resolution aimed at condemning rampant cancel culture.

The resolution was introduced by Young Americans for Freedom activist and chapter leader Nick Cabrera. It described harassment of the YAF chapter on campus by members of the student government, as well as broad public support for denouncing cancel culture.

The bill failed 3-19, according to the Cavalier Daily.

Cabrera was targeted by leftists in student government last fall for daring to speak out against a resolution aimed at chilling free speech on campus.

“Despite knowing about verifiable examples of harassment theft and threats, the Student Council has not taken a stand to find common ground and transcend political differences,” UVA YAF Chairwoman Spiotto said during the meeting. “It is therefore shameful that members of this body have slandered our CIO [contracted independent organization], targeted our members [and] failed to act.”

It’s sadly unsurprising that these elected student representatives are not at all concerned with protecting conservative voices on campus. Instead, they would rather partake in cancel culture. Bravo to YAF activist Nick Cabrera for taking a stand against the rampant leftism found in his student government.