By: Illiana Lievanos

A student at the University of Virginia is urging the administration to cancel an upcoming YAF lecture featuring Vice President Mike Pence, according to an op-ed published in the Cavalier Daily.

UVA student Elisabeth Bass’ column begins with a “trigger warning,” going on to argue that the university’s decision to let Mike Pence speak affects “students’ safety.”

“I do not feel comfortable being in an academic environment where anti-LGBTQ+ individuals are welcomed with open arms” Bass complains.

The UVA Young Americans for Freedom chapter is scheduled to host the VP on April 12. Of course, there couldn’t be a YAF event at UVA without complaints from the left-wing student body.

“Pence’s presence should not be welcomed, nor should the University allow speakers on the Grounds who deny the full humanity of all students,” wrote Bass in the official student newspaper for UVA.

Bass continued on to ridiculously allege that the simple presence of Mike Pence on campus could lead to more suicides within the gay community.

The Editorial Board of the Cavalier Daily also published a piece arguing that “dangerous rhetoric is not entitled to a platform.”

The “homophobic” comment that Bass is alleging is Mike Pence’s stance on marriage. Pence, a professing Christian, has expressed his belief that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. News flash, simply stating one’s view on marriage is not in any way slandering the gay community––just because it doesn’t align with your opinion.

“I personally find the student’s remarks troubling,” UVA YAF Chairman Nick Cabrera told YAF. “Ms. Bass never reached out to YAF at UVA to discuss any concerns she may have. Jefferson would be proud of YAF at UVA for bringing the vice president to Grounds, because he believed in expanding knowledge, increasing intellectual diversity, and fostering open and free dialogue.”

Conservative voices always seem to be “triggering” no matter the circumstances. If students like Bass feel triggered or disagree with what Mike Pence has to say, there is a simple solution: don’t attend the event. Or even better––take part in the open Q&A portion of the event. Just because someone disagrees with another’s opinion, it doesn’t give them the right to shut down the free speech of the VP and ruin the event for students who want to hear what Pence has to say.