By: Emma Parker

University of Virginia suddenly removed an “Identity Inclusion Disclosure” form requirement for student organizations to participate in university-wide events.

The UVA student activities fair set for August 23, hosts more than 450 organizations that seek to recruit new members for the upcoming semester. However, in order to participate, the Student Council Executive Board required organizations to complete an “Identity Inclusion Disclosure” form.

According to documentation obtained through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline, the form required organizations to report any bars to entry and explain why they “enforce these restrictions.”

In requesting this form, the council recognizes that some organizations may legally restrict membership on certain bases, saying “political and religious organizations may limit membership from one or more of these groups should they deem it necessary to fulfill their political or religious mission.” However, they continue “we nonetheless feel strongly that students should have sufficient information to decide whether the organization they join reflects their values.”


Students then received a conspicuous email at 1:36 p.m. on August 15 informing them the form was no longer required, the same day it was supposed to be due.

It is unknown why the council randomly nixed their form requirement, but it is unlikely they suddenly had a change of heart.

Under the guise of “equity” and “inclusivity,” the UVA Student Council tried to call out organizations that choose membership based on ideological affiliation or religion. Clubs provide students with the opportunity to convene, organize, and associate with people who share traits or interests with themselves. Student Council attempted to shame these organizations for requiring that members share the traits of the group. It is beneficial for both students and the university to have a robust student culture in which student organizations across the spectrum can thrive.