Yet again, leftists are showing their predisposition for absurdity ahead of the first stop on Young America’s Foundation’s Fred Allen Lecture Series featuring Ben Shapiro. In a statement made as part of leftists’ campaign to “#SOUNDTHEALARM,” the University of Southern California Black Student Assembly (USCBSA) claims that “The safety and lives of minority communities on the University of Southern Calfornia’s campus is in harm’s way” because the USC Young Americans for Freedom chapter is preparing to “bring Ben Shapiro to campus.”

These attempts to scare USC’s student body into opposing Shapiro’s presence with outright lies and absurd claims are having little effect on the USC YAF chapter’s work to present a diverse viewpoint on campus: Tickets are already sold out, and the list of individuals requesting standby tickets has grown to more than 900.

While unfortunately not a new development, the Left’s treatment of opposing ideas as existential threats to their survival furthers their attempts to shut out conservative ideas and marginalize conservative students.

The USCBSA statement continues with a wildly inaccurate depiction of Ben Shapiro’s statements, claiming “this man is known to be a purveyor of hate speech, including the eradication of entire races, and discriminatory comments against a multitude of minority communities.”

Regardless of the campus Left’s lame attempts to preserve the ideological echo chamber necessary to protect their fragile ideas, YAF is bringing Ben Shapiro to USC on October 4. Hopefully, students at the University of Southern California will glean something from Shapiro’s lesson on why facts don’t care about their feelings.