A leftist student at the University of Southern California destroyed posters belonging to the Young Americans for Freedom chapter, gloating about the vandalism on his public Instagram story. The posters, which advertised the chapter’s lecture featuring Michael Knowles, stated a basic fact: men are not women. This was apparently enough to enrage a campus leftist, who posted videos and photos of himself in the act.

“If you see one of these flyers on campus, know you can exercise your 1st Amendment right too…by ripping it down!” the student bragged. “It provides a good amount of catharsis,” he added, posting a photo of the crumpled posters.

“YAF put up those signs with that slogan to deliberately inflame our liberal-leaning campus ad spread their hateful message,” he wrote. “I’m not going to ‘participate in discourse’ with bigots. Time and time again it’s only encouraged them and spread their message.”

“While it’s disheartening it’s not surprising. It never ceases to amaze me that the side which preaches tolerance is the least tolerant,” USC YAF Chairman Maxwell Brandon said. It’s remarkable how safe they feel doing things like this…they literally brag about it.” Brandon added that the chapter will be reporting the student vandal for destruction of property to the university authorities.

Instead of participating in constructive dialogue with those he disagrees with, this leftist chose to engage in a cowardly act of vandalism. Regardless of this vandal’s attempts, Michael Knowles will take the stage tonight to bring a rare, conservative perspective to the liberal campus of USC.