Leftists at the University of Pennsylvania are unhappy Dinesh D’Souza is speaking on campus tomorrow evening, with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community planning a “silent protest” of the lecture, which is part of Young America’s Foundation Preserving American Liberty and Freedom Lecture Series.

According to a flyer obtained by Young America’s Foundation, AAPI will hold protest signs during the event, and ask “critical questions” during the Q&A.

It seems like you must be a liberal in order to be in the community of Asian American and Pacific Islanders at UPenn, as they are essentially shunning those with conservative views by hosting this protest on the student group’s behalf. The idea that a mainstream conservative voice will be speaking at such a liberal bubble campus is alarming to leftists, and they’re scrambling to derail any positive, open dialogue that should be the cornerstone of higher education and the college experience.

The university, which originally revoked the venue from the conservative group just days before the event, assigned a new venue to the group but has blocked the public from attending the event, citing security concerns, and blocked professional live streaming or recording of the event.