UPDATE: YAF has learned that the ASLMU Judicial Board has overturned the student government’s impeachment of Stephanie Martinez, by a vote of 5-0, after asserting the student government did not have sufficient evidence to impeach her and that it “unduly prejudiced the Senate hearing against Martinez.”

Last May, YAF reported on YAF activist and student senator Stephanie Martinez at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) who was being attacked by leftists for her proud support of strong immigration policy.

Now, the radical leftists on campus are going after Stephanie again–this time, organizing an impeachment trial in a kangaroo court to have the conservative officially removed from the student senate.

On October 4, members of the ASLMU, LMU’s student government, presented Stephanie with the complaint for her impeachment. She was informed that the student government would be holding the impeachment hearing October 11, and would only be presented with evidence submitted by her accusers less than 24 hours before the hearing and vote would be held.

Stephanie has gone on the offense, pushing back on the leftist chicanery by taking her issues directly to the school itself and filing bullying and harassment claims against her accusers and fellow senators with the LMU Office of Student Conduct & Community Responsibility.

This means that the school can no longer stand by and ignore the attacks Stephanie is experiencing, nor will the ASLMU be able to keep their biased and outrageous actions hidden behind closed doors.

Not only is the ASLMU violating its own constitution––which has a nondiscrimination clause that explicitly blocks members from discriminating on the bases of philosophy of political affiliation––but Stephanie’s accusers are using her conservative views as a reason to remove her from the ASLMU—a clear violation of LMU Student Code of Conduct’s policy on harassment and bullying.

“This is a disgrace, and I expected so much more from LMU and my peers that I serve with on the ASLMU,” Stephanie told YAF in a statement. “No student, regardless of where they stand, should have to endure a never-ending barrage of baseless and feckless lies from their peers on campus. I joined the Senate seat for Diversity and Inclusion to serve all students at LMU, not an elite few who are willing to submit character attacks against students they view as some form of a political enemy. I will not back down. Students at LMU deserve so much more than this.”

Make your voice heard—-tell LMU’s Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Jade Smith, that attempts to harass and intimidate conservative students should not be tolerated. Email Jade.Smith@lmu.edu today!