Do the job the mainstream media will refuse to do!

On the anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, download, personalize, and distribute the  Obama: Epic Fail Fliers  to show your campus community the negative impact of his policies.

 Obama: Epic Fail 3  Obama Epic Fail

Obama: Epic Fail Foreign Policy 

Some of the domestic policy failures included on the flier include:

19.1% unemployment rate among young people between the ages of 16-24

49% unemployment rate among African Americans between the ages of 16-19

118 new bureaucracies created by the government takeover of health care

A few of the foreign policy failures include:

– Failing to acknowledge we are in a war against radical jihadists, despite the fact that more than 33% of all terrorist plots since 9/11 occurred in 2009.

– Bestowing Constitutional rights on enemy combatants

– Referring to Jihadist attacks as “man-made disasters” and “overseas contingency operations.” 

Download these fliers now!


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