This week, Young America’s Foundation kicked off another month of breakthrough campus lectures set to reach thousands of students in person and millions of people online—a level of activity and reach you’ll only find at YAF.

With more lectures taking place than days in the month of April, Young America’s Foundation continues to lead the Conservative Movement in reaching the rising generation with the foundational principles that are otherwise lacking in higher education.

For more information about YAF’s April campus lectures visit where each lecture is updated with information as details are confirmed, and be sure to sign up at to be notified when events are being streamed!

April 1: John Stossel at Brandeis University

April 1: Michael Knowles at Drew University

April 2: Walter Williams at Florida Southern College

April 2: Bay Buchanan at the University of Iowa

April 3: Ben Shapiro at Loyola Marymount University

April 4: Matt Walsh at Boston University

April 4: Rich Lowry at Quinnipiac University

April 8: Jeff Sessions at Montana State University

April 8: Andy Puzder at Davidson College

April 9: Star Parker at the University of Mary Washington

April 9: Matt Walsh at Baylor University

April 9: Derryck Green at Radford University

April 9: Dinesh D’Souza at Ohio State University

April 10: Stephen Moore at Cornell University

April 10: Marc Thiessen at The George Washington University

April 10: Ben Shapiro at Grand Canyon University

April 11: Christina Hoff Sommers at the University of Florida

April 11: Derryck Green at the University of Southern California

April 11: Michael Knowles at the University of Missouri–Kansas City

April 11: Katie Pavlich at Rocky Mountain College

April 15: Burgess Ownes at the University at Buffalo

April 15: Jeff Sessions at the University of Minnesota

April 15: Christina Hoff Sommers at Skidmore College

April 15: Sean Spicer at Virginia Tech

April 16: Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles at Texas A&M

April 16: Matt Walsh at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

April 16: John Reitzell at the University of Alabama–Huntsville

April 16: Rachel Campos-Duffy at Kennesaw State University

April 17: Christina Hoff Sommers at the University of California–Santa Cruz

April 17: Sean Spicer at the University of California–Berkeley

April 17: Andrew Klavan at the University of Texas–Arlington

April 18: Dinesh D’Souza at the University of Minnesota

April 23: Michael Knowles at California State University–Los Angeles

April 24: Bay Buchanan at Westminster College

April 24: Burt Folsom at Stetson University

April 24: Dr. Art Laffer at Penn State University

April 24: Christina Hoff Sommers at the University of California–Santa Barbara

April 26: Nigel Farage at Lock Haven University

April 30: Heather Mac Donald at Beloit College

April 30: Star Parker at Augustana University