In a last-minute move, UW-Madison notified the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter that unless they found a faculty department sponsor before Tuesday, their campus lecture with Katie Pavlich would only be open to UW students.

This ridiculously subjective rule runs against everything the First Amendment guarantees, and allows university faculty unfettered discretion in determining whose speech and ideas get to be heard. This sets up a two-class system where leftist students are afforded free speech while conservative students are subjected to arbitrary university-concocted restrictions.

This rule hasn’t been applied to previous speakers hosted by UW-Madison YAF, including Steve Forbes and Ben Shapiro.

“UW Madison YAF remains committed to bringing conservative ideas to the UW community and we’re unwavering in our dedication to free speech for all students, not just those possessing favored view points,” stated Abby Streu of UW-Madison YAF.  “Our freedom is not subject to the whims of ivory tower-dwelling academic elitists.”

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YAFers don’t back down.