A psychology professor at California State University- Los Angeles went ballistic during Star Parker’s YAF-sponsored lecture on campus last week, totally losing her cool over Parker’s pro-life message.

During the question and answer section of the lecture, which was organized by CSULA Young Americans for Freedom, Dr. Heidi Riggio of the school’s psychology department asked a question about the “legality and safety” of abortion. The exchange quickly devolved into Dr. Riggio yelling at Star Parker from the audience.

When Parker made comparisons between abortion and slavery, Dr. Riggio proceeded to shout at her, repeatedly interrupting the event.

At one point, Dr. Riggio gestured to the audience and mentioned that she “teaches” students at CSULA that “abortion should be safe and legal.”

If that’s what instructors at CSULA are teaching their students, then there’s more of a need than ever for YAF speakers like Star Parker to spread the pro-life message on campus.

CSULA is fortunate to have one of the most active and impactful YAF chapters in the country bold enough to host powerful lectures from leading conservative thinkers like Parker.