Young America’s Foundation is proud to announce the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors has selected University of Virginia YAF (UVA YAF) as the 2022 Chapter of the Year.

To recognize them for their leadership on campus and their work to boldly promote conservatism, YAF is pleased to award UVA YAF a $10,000 grant to bring conservative speakers to their campus in the upcoming school year.

This year, Young Americans for Freedom led the Conservative Movement on campuses nationwide as schools finally allowed students to participate in campus activities. Despite the Left’s malicious drive to push Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideologies throughout the classrooms, YAF chapters were there to push back and serve as voices of reason in their communities.

UVA YAF’s work this past school year serves as an exemplar model for successful conservative activism. Their activism reached more than 2,500 individuals in-person and their speaker events reached hundreds of thousands more online. UVA YAF’s work began revitalizing the rich spirit and pursuit for truth and justice the University of Virginia was once known for.

UVA YAF organized campus events featuring Representative Bob Good, Representative Chip Roy and National Review’s Rich Lowry, Representative Mia Love, and Vice President Mike Pence. Additionally, the chapter rallied their peers on campus and members of the greater Charlottesville community to speak up and support America’s founding principles, organizing in support of life, free speech, and Thomas Jefferson’s legacy as the Left relentlessly attempted to cancel the founder of the university.

Despite numerous attacks against the chapter for their “radical” pursuit of truth—including a demand from the school newspaper to ban the chapter’s VP Pence event—UVA YAF maintained its focus and continued its outreach to the campus and greater Charlottesville community, increasing their membership to now include over 100 active members.

On their accomplishments, UVA YAF Chairman Nicholas Cabrera said, “Our activists have proven themselves to be dedicated leaders of the Conservative Movement. Being a targeted minority at one of the largest state institutions is not easy, but YAF made it possible for us to succeed in our conservative activism despite the Left’s best efforts.”

UVA YAF is a strong example of the impact a driven and outspoken conservative force can have on campus. A voice of freedom is always a powerful inspiration in any community be it a belligerent leftist one or an apathetic conservative one.

The accomplishments of Young Americans for Freedom extend far beyond UVA YAF. With YAF, students understand that defending the integrity of our nation in this time of crisis requires courage, commitment, and passion for fellow Americans. All over America, chapters and members organized courageous and inspirational initiatives and speaker events, reaching thousands on campuses and millions online.

The following chapters were nominees for 2022 Chapter of the Year:

  • The Catholic University of America
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Iowa
  • Iowa State University
  • University of Michigan

Young America’s Foundation is proud to provide necessary training, knowledge, and resources to outpace leftists for Young Americans for Freedom chapters at high schools and colleges across the country. We are honored to support these bold activists in their vital work to reach their peers.

To start or join a YAF chapter on your campus, click here.