For their ability to plan, organize, and host a record-setting event—holding the largest and most impactful conservative event at their school in recent history—the University of Southern California Young Americans for Freedom (USC YAF) has been named Chapter of the Month for October.

On October 4, thousands of students gathered in preparation for USC YAF’s campus lecture with Ben Shapiro, part of Young America’s Foundation’s Fred Allen Lecture Series. “The buildup was incredible,” remarked Maxwell Brandon, the chairman of USC YAF. “Tickets sold out in less than 24 hours. We were doing interviews with campus media almost every day. There was a lot of energy.”

Seven hours before doors were opened to the 1,200+ person venue, attendees lined up along a campus thoroughfare stretching over two blocks. USC students rarely have an opportunity to engage with a prominent conservative, and Shapiro’s conservative ideas were clearly in demand.

However, like many schools in America today, some students at the University of Southern California found Ben Shapiro’s presence and the existence of USC YAF intolerable.

As USC YAF began marketing their event with Shapiro, campus leftists launched a series of attacks. They began on social media, plotting to reserve tickets so that protestors could disrupt the event and prevent those who wished to hear Shapiro from attending.

The happy conservative warriors of USC YAF brushed off these and several other attempts to minimize their lecture with Ben Shapiro, and this group of YAF activists triumphed over leftist intolerance in their uphill battle to bring intellectual diversity to USC.

Despite the Left’s intolerant attempts to prevent conservative ideas from being spread at USC, Ben Shapiro gave a fiery speech to a room filled to capacity as more than 2,000 individuals in line had to be turned away due to the fire code.

Following this, USC YAF noted a newfound motivation within the conservative students on campus. Maxwell noted, “we got an array of positive feedback, but the most consistent message was one of thanks. Students, parents, and alumni all thanked us for being brave enough to stand up and fight for what is right, especially in liberal Southern California.”

The University of Southern California Young Americans for Freedom overcame the hateful attempts by the Left to shame and intimidate them. For this reason, we congratulate USC YAF on being selected as October Chapter of the Month.

The following members of USC YAF were also instrumental in the chapter’s success:
–       Tyler Tornetta
–       Hailey Vice
–       Shannon Hennessy
–       Micha Kempe