Last week, critics slammed the University of Oregon’s “bias response team,” arguing that it functions “akin to Thought Police.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.09.33 AM

An actual screenshot from the university’s annual report.

According to the school’s website, the bias response team “seeks to create a just campus by providing resources for the university community to respond to incidents of bias and harassment.” Unfortunately, however, it appears the system is instead utilized by students to tattle on their peers for even the most minute “microaggressions.”

Fortunately for us the university made the complaints public and the results are a hilarious.

If you need a good laugh, check out some of the best “bias incidents” documented in the university’s annual report below.

  1. “A staff member reported that a poster featured a triggering image. Bias type: Body image.”
  2. “A student reported a culturally appropriative themed party.”
  3. “An international student reported they were not admitted to an academic program.”
  4. “An anonymous individual reported that the signage for a gender inclusive restroom was hidden and unclear.”
  5. “A student reported that residents were frustrated about being referred to incorrectly.”
  6. “An anonymous student reported that she felt excluded from a group project and accused of wrong-doing by other group members.”
  7. “A student reported that a tutor consistently ignores him.”
  8. “A student reported that a sign encouraging cleaning up after oneself was sexist.”
  9. “An anonymous individual reported photos on Facebook of student groups dressed in culturally stereotypical Halloween costumes.”
  10. “A staff member reported that a flier depicted offensive gender stereotypes.”

In the oft-used words of Ben Shapiro, “toughen up you spoiled children.” The University of Oregon gave legitimacy to these absurd concerns, allowing their students to wallow in self-perpetuating victimhood. Perhaps some of these “spoiled children” are more suited to pre-K than higher ed.

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