The Stonewall Center, a LGBTQ+ resource center at the University of Massachusetts, is hosting a “gender repeal party” on March 31st, a day that leftists recognize as “Trans Day of Visibility.”

“To hell with Gender Reveal Parties!” the event description proclaims. “To mark the International Trans Day of Visibility, the Stonewall Center will be holding a Gender Repeal Party with food and a role-playing game, and birth certificates that can be ripped up.”

Presumably, students will be ripping up fake birth certificates, rather than their real ones.

The event promotes an extreme and radical ideology that denies the existence of biological sex, claiming that gender is a social construct. The center is encouraging attendees to rip up birth certificates, sending a clear message that they have complete contempt and disregard for the truth.

The New Guard attempted to reach the center’s director, Genny Beemyn, who describes himself as “one of the country’s first out nonbinary college administrators,” for comment. Unfortunately, after realizing that the New Guard is affiliated with Young America’s Foundation, his receptionist declined to transfer the call.

Genny Beemyn

As colleges across the country continue to promote dangerous and radical ideologies, it is more important than ever to speak out against those who seek to undermine basic biological realities. The Stonewall Center’s event is just one example of the extreme and harmful messages that are being promoted on college campuses today. It is time for conservatives to take a stand and defend the truth.