The University of Louisville is hosting an “Anal Sex 101” workshop this evening as part of its “BANG*” series in order to “destigmatize” the sexual act, according to an event listing discovered by the New Guard.

“There is a lot of stigma around anal sex, from who engages in it to the risks involved. We’re here to demystify this sexual activity and discuss the ways in which stigma, cultural norms, and misinformation might impact butt play! This event is for everyone, whether you’re a fan or just curious,” reads an Instagram post advertising the event.

The two-hour-long workshop will take place Monday evening in the university’s recently constructed multi-million-dollar Cultural and Equity Center. The program will be sponsored by the university’s LGBT Center and Campus Health Services. It is unclear who will lead the workshop or what the event will entail. 

A representative of the LGBT Center declined to share the cost of the program with the New Guard

The “Anal Sex 101” workshop is the first of five events that will be held this week as part of the University of Louisville’s “BANG*” sex week series.

The Office of Communications and Marketing did not respond to the New Guard’s request for comment. Young America’s Foundation has submitted a public records request to uncover expenses associated with the program. This article will be updated accordingly.