An assistant professor at University of Kentucky admitted to charging white people higher rates for services at her private company, Center for Healing Racial Trauma. The school recently paid Candice Hargons’ company for at least one anti-racism workshop.

In correspondence obtained by Young America’s Foundation through a Freedom of Information Request, Hargons said “When it is people of color orgs, I work within whatever their budget if I have the time,” she wrote in an email. “With predominantly White organizations, I tend to be less flexible.”

In another email exchange with Carrie Oser, professor of sociology and associate chair in the Department of Sociology, Hargons says her training of white audiences “subsidizes the healing racial trauma work I do in the community.” She claims it is so she “never has to turn a BIPOC away for therapy and healing services due to inability to pay.”

In an invoice from Hargons’ company, she charged the school $5000 for a workshop in which she taught administrators to accept their ‘white inferiority complex.’

The university also sought services for the athletics department. Hargons exchanged numerous emails in September 2020 with the executive associate athletics director for sports, James A. Madaleno- planning a potential workshop for staff and students.

In a proposal authored by Hargons, the grand total came out to $58,000-$68,000, depending on the inclusion of optional workshops. UK declined to comment as to whether the athletics workshop eventually took place.

On multiple occasions this professor made it clear that she judges people based on their race, going so far as to charge different rates for different races. One can only wonder how Hargons treats students in her classroom. University of Kentucky must stop allowing this discriminatory behavior, and disavow Critical Race Theory’s racist tactics.