A University of Iowa assistant professor wrote “…teaching is a political act…” and that her course is “…grounded in frameworks of anti-racist pedagogy…” in her class syllabus, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

Dr. Ozge Evcen, a visiting assistant professor in the College of Education at UI, wrote, “Because teaching is a political act – and teaching literacy can empower or oppress, this course is grounded in frameworks of anti-racist pedagogy, critical literacy, and anti-oppressive education,” in the syllabus for her Primary Reading & Language Arts Methods, K-3 class.

“Accordingly, we will ALWAYS talk about whether our practice is just and equitable, specifically for students of Color and students from diverse backgrounds.”The course is designed to prepare education majors to teach grades kindergarten through third in reading and language arts.

Neither Evcen nor University of Iowa responded to YAF’s requests for comment.

This type of ideological infiltration into education is not at all surprising, considering what we’ve seen develop in schools across the country. This week, YAF reported that Loudoun County Public Schools approved Trevor Noah’s autobiography, “Born a Crime,” for 12thgrade reading. Trevor Noah is the current host of The Daily Show, best known for his leftist tirades. In a subsequent assignment, students were asked about the current racial “…trauma, poverty, segregation, and lack of equity…” in America.

Last month, YAF reported on a second-grade teacher who instructed students not to use the word girl in the interest of being “gender-inclusive.” She instead told students to call others “they,” as you cannot otherwise decipher their gender.

Education students are learning to indoctrinate before they are even teachers. It is no wonder that our schools have fallen victim to woke teachers spewing nonsensical Critical Race Theory and gender theory. It’s imperative that students and parents alike fight this type of indoctrination every step of the way.