The campus police at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has decided to eliminate references to a suspect’s race, ethnicity, and national origin in public safety advisories to avoid “potential negative perpetuation of stereotypes.”

An anonymous tip through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line flagged a campus-wide email announcing the decision.

“Effective January 2021, the university will no longer routinely use race, ethnicity or national origin as a descriptor in public safety advisories,” an email from UIC said.

YAF confirmed the new policy through the university’s Spokeswoman Sherri McGinnis Gonzalez.

“The university no longer routinely uses race, ethnicity or national origin as a descriptor in public safety advisories. This decision was made after consulting with several members of the UIC community, including the UIC Police Department and our recently established Public Safety Board.”

When asked if the new measure would decrease the likelihood of catching suspects on the run, Gonzalez said it is “not expected that this decision will have an impact on UIC Police Department operations and the ability to apprehend perpetrators of criminal acts.”

“The decision is a proactive progressive measure balancing public safety with the potential negative perpetuation of stereotypes,” Gonzalez said. “Our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and safe on the UIC campus.”

What a ridiculous new policy that puts all students at more risk–all in the name of inclusivity! Will the school also eliminate race-based “diversity” admissions or race-based student organizations? It’s the classic hypocrisy of the Left–being color blind, but only when it fits their narrative.