Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) activists at the University of Florida organized a socialist bake sale to demonstrate the flawed logic of the socialist ideas that their millennial peers are often quick to embrace.

Due to the leftist campus climate, University of Florida YAF knew it was imperative to advocate for conservative ideas on campus. Chapter chairman Daniel Weldon explains, “We decided to host the project because of all of the socialist and anti-capitalist groups that are arising on campus. We have pro-antifa pamphlets and stickers, Students for Democratic Socialism, and Radical Student Alliance. Now more than ever students need to know why we should choose freedom over socialism.”

At first glance, this seemed like a normal bake sale. But when students went to purchase an item they were surprised to only receive a portion of what they were promised. The remainder of the baked good was either thrown out or given to someone who did not pay at all.

The chapter received various reactions from the over 100 people who participated in this initiative. University of Florida YAF chairman Daniel Weldon explains, “We received mixed reactions. Some students tried to make fun of us for not supporting socialism and others found it interesting because they don’t think about socialist policies the way we presented them. Regardless of others opinions, we communicated that big government creates big problems”

The socialist bakesale activism initiative was first carried out by the University of Central Florida YAF chapter in 2016.  Since then, numerous YAF chapters have been effective in bringing this project to their campus.  To start a YAF chapter and participate in activism projects just like this one, please contact YAF Chapter Director, Lauren McCue at or by calling 800-USA-1776.