The Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at the University of Florida are leading the charge to spread conservative ideas on their campus with bold campus activism, and they hosted the one and only Ben Shapiro at a sold out campus lecture that packed hundreds of students into a lecture hall to hear conservative ideas. UF YAF’s event with Shapiro was the first conservative to address the University of Florida in recent memory. UF YAF is the visible presence of the Conservative Movement on their campus, and their work to bring conservative ideas to their peers cannot be overstated.

When it was announced that Richard Spencer was planning to speak on the University of Florida’s campus after being present at Saturday’s violent clash in Charlottesville, VA, the Young Americans for Freedom released a statement strongly condemning the white supremacist’s views which are “completely antithetical” to their own:

Statement on Richard Spencer speaking at UF

The events yesterday in Charlottesville and the views of Richard Spencer are vile and disgraceful. To believe that other races are inferior is to believe that God makes mistakes. Our creator made all of us in his image and certainly makes no mistakes. To be conservative means to believe in equal rights and individual freedoms.

Young Americans for Freedom and its chapters have a long history of fighting against racism. At one of the first national conferences in the 1960’s, their hotel in South Florida was segregated and did not allow black YAF activists to attend. YAF fought the segregation by threatening to change the location of the conference. YAF was able to get the hotel to change their racist policy and stood by their activists the whole time.

University of Florida Young Americans for Freedom recognizes Spencer’s right to free speech. His ideals, however, are completely antithetical to the values YAF holds. It is important to debate these ideas through civil discourse and education. That is the value of free speech.

University of Florida YAF is committed to educating others on individual freedoms, conservative values, and the equality of all. If you would like to learn more about what it means to be conservative, you can attend our next meeting on August 24th or stop by our table. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

Young America’s Foundation proudly stands behind Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Florida as they advance freedom’s principles and defend YAF’s rich history as the premiere outreach organization of the Conservative Movement.