A public university in New York is sponsoring an event ahead of Thanksgiving that wishes to “erase” the beloved holiday and replace it, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

On November 8, the University at Buffalo Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC) is sponsoring an event titled “The Real History of Thanksgiving” as a part of their “Tough Topics” discussion series.“Why is Thanksgiving still celebrated in America when the truth behind the holiday is the massacre of Indigenous communities? How can we erase this whitewashed history for good? Come out to the IDC to discuss the real history of Thanksgiving and what America should do in place of this celebration,” the description reads.

Directly after this event, the IDC is sponsoring another event, titled “Native American Gender Identities.” According to the university’s website, the event will analyze “Two-Spirit,” discussing if “non-native Americans” can “identify with this term,” and define the “western understanding.”In a statement to YAF, Vice President for University Communications John Della Contrada said the event “…provides a forum for examining the historical context of Thanksgiving,” and “It is inaccurate to characterize this event as ‘an attempt to cancel Thanksgiving,'” despite evidence to the contrary.

Young Americans for Freedom President Therese Purcell told YAF she was frustrated with her school’s actions. “Thanksgiving is a time for students to unite with family and take the time to give thanks, just as the English and Native Americans did at the first Thanksgiving,” she said.

Despite her frustration, she said it came as no surprise “…since part of the Left’s radical agenda is to create division and break down the family structure.” And she claims her school is doing just this as it attempts “…to cancel a holiday that brings American families together.”

This kind of historical revisionism isn’t new. In fact, we see it daily as leftists across the country attempt to cancel Founding Fathers and other significant figures by tearing down statues and erasing all mention of them.

Recently, YAF reported on leftists at the University of Virginia who protested U.S. Congressman Chip Roy and National Review’s Rich Lowry because they planned to defend Thomas Jefferson. Despite being the school’s founder, many students have turned their back on him, condemning him as a racist.

We only have one option. We must continue to spread the truth and refuse to let it be obscured by the woke Left.