Liberal students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill are planning a “counter rally” to protest Ben Shapiro’s upcoming Young America’s Foundation-sponsored lecture on their campus, claiming Shapiro would cause “non-binary and non-cis” students to experience discomfort.


UNC’s conservative student group is scheduled to host Ben Shapiro as part of YAF’s Fred R. Allen Lecture Series on March 30, but liberal students are already planning a rally to counter Shapiro’s “ignorance.”

Backlash built on social media after the campus conservatives announced their event, with students and clubs expressing their outrage over Shapiro’s “ignorance.”

One student wrote, “some ignorant white people who go to my school have booked this ignorant white man” referring to Shapiro, “[…] so that a like-minded audience comprised of ignorant white people can reaffirm their ignorant beliefs.”

The campus’ Take Back the Night club remarked (as seen in the picture above), “Intersectionality leads to a uniquely marginalized experience for women of color within our patriarchal society.” They continued, “Shapiro has a history of speaking against women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and racial justice. Stand up against people who make the world an uncomfortable and unwelcoming place for women, non-binary and non-cis folks, and people of color.”

Frank Pray, chairman of the school’s conservative club and a top YAF activist, told Young America’s Foundation, “As of now, we believe the Take Back the Night Group, Real Silent Sam Coalition, Black Lives Matter, Siren, Students United for Reproductive Justice, some far left environmental clubs, the LGBTQ club, and a few more smaller leftist clubs are organizing the counter-protest/rally.”



Pray continued, “No matter what the campus left does to try to stop us, we will never allow them to silence the voice of conservatism on our campus.”

Pray told YAF he believes Shapiro’s lecture will “present ideas never heard in a classroom at this University.”

Ben Shaprio’s campus tour through YAF’s Fred R. Allen lecture series has ignited the fury of leftists at school’s across the country. Just last month, the tour made national news after a professor at CSULA referred to the school’s YAF chapter as “white supremacists” for hosting Shapiro and threatened to physically fight them.

More campuses are being added to Ben’s tour every week. Contact us to restore sanity to your school this spring.