Ann Coulter speaks on campusThe conservatives at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill were working hard over the summer to host Ann Coulter to speak on September 20. They have a tremendous record of hosting successful events with Karl Rove, John Ashcroft, Jonah Goldberg, and many others through the years.

The event, being coordinated in part by Greg Steele, submitted a budgetary request of approximately $20,000, but the leftists in student congress successfully convinced the congress to cut the funding allocated to Greg’s group to $5,000 and loaned his club $15,000. This is despite the fact that the same congress awarded another liberal group $16,000, none of which has to be paid back.

No other group has ever been forced to pay back the honorarium received for a speaker. As is typically the case, the rules don’t apply to conservatives on college campuses.

Writing in the Daily Tarheel, Greg responds, “If we pride ourselves on being a university that supports equality and the free marketplace of ideas, then we must ensure that people of all viewpoints are given equal representation, not allowing personal biases to persuade our votes as elected representatives.”

Greg and his club are fighting the decision and we will keep you updated on future developments.


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