By Melody Colunga

A recent event at the University of Michigan which promised to highlight the importance of diversity of thought failed to include any panelists with conservative viewpoints, according to a report by the College Fix

“A forum on the importance of diversity of thought is being planned by Michigan Medicine, and additional details will be shared soon,” Dr. Marschall Runge, dean of the medical school, pledged months ago. The event was planned in response to a walk-out protest organized by leftist students when a medical doctor who happens to be pro-life spoke at the university’s white coat ceremony.

An investigation by the College Fix determined that the forum, which took place just a few weeks ago, was entirely comprised of pro-abortion liberals. Although it’s possible that the faculty panelists did indeed discuss the importance of diversity of thought in medicine, a faculty member with pro-life views certainly should have been invited to participate. After all, this event was scheduled in response to campus leftists’ intolerance towards a pro-life doctor.

University officials declined to provide comment to Young America’s Foundation on this matter.

“Conservative voices do exist on campus, yet they are often left out of the discussion on the important issues,” Charles Hilu, chairman of UMich’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, told the New Guard. “We are ready and willing to advocate our principles and beliefs. We would welcome the opportunity if the university gave it to us, as I’m sure the pro-life faculty members in the medical school would as well,” he continued.

Luckily for the University of Michigan, Young America’s Foundation is working to ensure that students are given an opportunity to hear from a conservative perspective. In fact, they’ll have the chance to hear from the most popular conservative in America–Ben Shapiro is set to take the stage at the Rackham Auditorium on November 15.