A group of black student leaders at University of Maryland has compiled a list of “critical issues” they believe the school’s administration must address to eradicate “anti-black racism.”

Students are pushing administrators to go so far as transcript notations for those accused of hate speech. “Immediate response to hate speech or actions from the university including a consequence (e.g: mark on the transcript or potential suspension),” the fourth recommendation states. UMD notes that the recommendation is “in progress” with the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, expecting work to be completed on this issue by the fall.

The list of 25 recommendations centers around creating many black-only spaces, defunding campus police in exchange for more funding of black student organizations, and cracking down on alleged “hate speech.” There is no definition listed for what the school considers to be hate speech.

The leaders also want to redistribute funding from campus police. “Reevaluate and reduce the excessive funding to UMPD publicly. Redistribute these funds and resources to Black organizations on campus, Nyumburu Cultural Center, and the African American studies department,” the third recommendation says.

The laundry list also asks administrators to create several spaces solely for black students on campus, in addition to “prioritizing minority enrollment.”

UMD put themselves in this tricky position––by choosing to work solely with members of black student organizations in creating this list of recommendations, many other student voices were simply left out of the conversation. Now, the administration must reap what they have sown––agreeing to every last suggestion put forth by the committee, or risk being labeled “racist” for refusing to cater to the Left’s whimsical demands.

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