By Sophia Corso

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the Students for Socialism (SFS) group at the University of Georgia organized a “Day of Affirmation: Rally for Abortion” event. The group was joined by the “Black Felicity Students Association” and Young Democratic Socialists of America. The event was held to push for pro-abortion rights on campus and throughout the state of Georgia, and those in attendance discussed Georgia’s heartbeat ban bill, which prohibits abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the use of abortion as a conservative political tool.

SFS outlined six demands surrounding abortion policy, including the repeal of the 6-week ban on abortions in Georgia, enshrining the right to abortion in Georgia’s constitution, and opening abortion clinics on federal lands and facilities. The group posted pictures of students in attendance holding up papers supporting the right to abortion, with one student stating that abortion is a “life-saving” and “natural right for women,” which is ironic given that abortion intentionally ends the life of an unborn child.

According to SFS, this event was organized in response to “hateful rhetoric of anti-abortion preachers and protestors on our campus,” and to demonstrate support for reproductive rights and opposition to oppressive groups. The event had a heart theme, chosen to show students they are loved and accepted, in contrast to the vitriol of anti-abortion preachers who often tell students that they will burn in hell for being queer or receiving an abortion.

Brayden Dean, the Editor in Chief at The Arch Conservative at UGA, criticized the event, stating that socialism and abortion are ideologies that care little for life, and that rather than ending a child’s life, the community should come together to help mothers and fathers in raising new life.