Intolerant leftists at the University of Florida have not stopped at vandalizing posters and defacing other advertisements for the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter’s lecture tonight featuring Ben Shapiro.  They are so threatened by conservative ideas being heard by their peers that they have concocted a lame plan to prevent other students from hearing Shapiro speak.

Young America’s Foundation has obtained screenshots detailing their latest scheme. University of Florida students who disagree with Shapiro have not only wished violence upon him but have also decided to organize a group to obtain tickets and not show up.

Little do they know that there is a fundamental flaw in their plot! Any unclaimed seats prior to the lecture’s start will be made available to those unable to obtain tickets beforehand.


University of Florida YAF chairman Daniel Weldon remains incredibly optimistic about the event.  “There is an overwhelming demand for conservative ideas to be heard on campus.  This is evident by the incredibly positive response from those on campus and in the community who want to hear the Shapiro lecture. A few disgruntled leftists threatened by conservative ideas won’t get us down.”

Nothing will stop University of Florida YAF from promoting conservative ideas.  Better luck next time leftists!