A job listing recently posted by the University of California San Diego includes a list of leftist buzzword concepts that applicants must agree with in order to receive preference in the hiring process, according to a tip submitted to Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.“We are interested in work that intersects with one or more of the following lenses: performance studies, critical race theory, critical dance theory, theater history, media studies, affect theory. decolonial praxis, racial capitalism, environmental humanities, and queer or trans theory,” the listing on the university’s website reads.

Additionally, applicants are required to submit a “statement of contributions to diversity,” detailing their commitment to these concepts. The statements are evaluated using a five-page list of criteria, which is available on the university’s website.

“I believe that UCSD would be better served to focus on the actual competency of the individuals within its departments. It is sad, and tragic, that they have fallen victim to the woke agenda,” a student told YAF on the condition of anonymity. 

YAF asked the university how much weight these factors hold in the hiring process, but has yet to hear back. This article will be updated accordingly.

Clearly, aspiring educators who don’t adhere to the beliefs of Critical Race Theory, queer and trans theory, and the erasure of fundamental characteristics of the Spanish language (notice, UC San Diego’s use of the nonsensical word “Latinx”) are likely better off not wasting their time.

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